Marvin + Michelle | PA wedding

Not every bride gets to meet her future husband for the first time at a wedding she wasn’t invited to. God had a bigger picture in mind for that Canadian trip! I couldn’t be happier for these two! ❤Marvin + Michelle 07_WEBMarvin + Michelle 26_WEBMarvin + Michelle 29_WEBMarvin + Michelle 30_WEBMarvin + Michelle 40_WEBMarvin + Michelle 43_WEBMarvin + Michelle 71_WEBMarvin + Michelle 56_WEBMarvin + Michelle 57_WEBMarvin + Michelle 77_WEBMarvin + Michelle 82_WEBMarvin + Michelle 91_WEBMarvin + Michelle 92_WEBMarvin + Michelle 100_WEBM + M -Wedding 41_WEBM + M -Wedding 77_WEBM + M -Wedding 40_WEBM + M -Wedding 54_WEBM + M -Wedding 32_WEB


Travis + Diana | Maryland wedding

We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly. (Sam Keen)IMG_6837IMG_6820DT 3 IMG_6624 DT 1 IMG_6310 IMG_6475 IMG_6383 IMG_6490 IMG_6349 IMG_6300 IMG_6210 IMG_6163 DT 4IMG_6911 DT 2 IMG_7360

I have found the one whom my soul loves.” (Song of Solomon 3:4)

Butchart Gardens – Victoria, BC

“The Butchart Gardens is a group of floral display gardens in Brentwood Bay, BC, Canada, located near Victoria on Vancouver Island. The gardens receive close to a million visitors each year.” Enjoy!1200 bg 3 The Sunken Garden..1168 bg 6 1186 download 1172 bg 5  The Ross Fountain…1247 bg 7 1239 bg 4 1183 (2) 1337137113431356136713891396141312161345 The Sturgeon Fountain…141914371439 The Butchart Gardens 2014

Bridal bouquets

Roses, daisies, and hydrangeas seem to be favorites for many brides bouquets. Some other popular picks are carnations, chrysanthemum, and baby’s breath, which often give it a finishing touch. The hydrangeas (1st pic. on right) were dusted with a soft pink paint, also the baby’s breath (2nd pic. on left) was sprayed to turquoise. So if your roses look to yellow, just give the a light spray of white paint!bb 1bb 2

The University of the South

This University is located atop the Cumberland Plateau between Nashville and Chattanooga, in Sewanee, Tennessee. “Sewanee’s physical environment, which includes the 13,000–acre Domain (as the campus and surrounding area is known), provides a remarkable academic and recreational resource, and an unparalleled place in which to study and reflect.” It also makes for a spectacular location for wedding photos. I will be posting some other attractions of this 13,000 acre domain!   S & S 1047 uofs S & S 1054 uofs 2  The large campus chapel…S & S 1059 uofs 4 S & S 1078 uofs1  Someone was playing the organ. 😉S & S 1079 S & S 1103 uofs 5 S & S 1053 uofs 6