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Hello! Welcome to the blog… 🙂 …the online home of Missie D. Photography, based in the small town of Beavertown, Pennsylvania. I’m Missie, the girl behind the camera. I am a disciple of Jesus. I am encouraged by faithful men + women who embrace the higher standard of living for Christ! Meeting new people is a joy, but as a child I was very shy. I am 23, and was born + live on a small dairy farm in central PA. I am third of 5 children. I enjoy travel, and have only visited 31 states + BC, Canada. For the last 3 years I’ve documented weddings, I shot my 1st in Alaska. Relationships mean the most to me in this journey of photography, such an amazing opportunity of service, and I so desire to do it well! My life’s value is not in skill, riches, or fame, but in Jesus Christ alone. I am a called to love my neighbor as myself, and that is you! The mission or goal for my photography is to be a blessing to others and bring glory to the Creator of beauty & all things good! You probably clicked this link hoping to learn a little something about me, but really it’s about serving you!

  • Why?

We each have a story to share, a testimony of the gift of life. When you look at a photo, it’s what is taking place or the person(s) or object in it that will determine its value to you. Providing special history documents that will tell stories for your family, and the following generations. A gift that I’ve been given to invest in you, and that’s where seizing those precious moments, priceless memories, and preserving milestones all begins. Capturing love, light, and vibrant life in weddings, family, and children. 🙂 Photography is about moments that will never again be… have a wedding around the corner? a baby on the way? a family portrait that never gets taken? any questions, ideas, or advice? If you are interested in purchasing any photos or booking a session, feel free to contact me via the Sessions or Contact page. 🙂

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© Missie D. Photography 2015

{Moments captured ~ Memories made ~ Milestones remembered.}


2 thoughts on “Meet Missie

  1. Hi Missie! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and following! I appreciate it. I love the goal you have set for your photography. I am certain just from your “about” page you are a true blessing to others and bring much Glory to God. I look forward to viewing your work.

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