“What all is included in a ‘Lifestyle session’?”  

You can learn more about sessions> HERE! or contact me> HERE.

How far in advance should I book?”

For weddings, as soon as possible, first come first serve. It really depends on your wedding date. May, June, September and October are very popular wedding months! For lifestyle sessions, at least a month or so in advance.

 “Does the wedding coverage include a second shooter?” 

At this point, I offer second shooter coverage as an additional investment. I highly recommend having someone as an assistant, whether it’s one of the bride’s friends or a second shooter/friend of mine.

“Where are you located? Do you travel for weddings?”

My location is Beavertown, Pennsylvania. Yes! I enjoy travel, and thanks to many of my friends… I’ve been given the opportunity to do photography in the following states: Alaska, Washington, California, Arkansas, Missouri, Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee, Georgia, Maryland, PA, New York, Massachusetts, also in Vancouver Island, British Columbia | Canada.

“Do you have any suggestions on where we should have our session?”

Yes, I like to shoot where you are happiest! Do you like mountains, fields, water, old buildings, pretty house, vineyards, apple orchards, lavender fields, etc?  Before your session, look up some places or ask friends if they know of any good spots. I enjoy shooting at new locations! I do have places I frequent if you’re not sure!

Do you have a studio?”

No, I don’t. 95% of my work is done outdoors. I will shoot ‘baby is home’ sessions and wedding ceremonies/receptions indoors, but other than that, natural light is best!

“Can I have the unedited files? I want to do some editing of my own.”

I do not release my unedited or RAW files. Sorry! If images are edited or altered after received, it must be only for personal use, any digital files that you want to use publicly must be shared as you originally received them.

“Do we receive all the images?”

You will receive “all” the images after I have culled through them and eliminated any repeats, or trash (as it were) that is not worth keeping. The final amount of digital files received depends on multiple aspects.

“Got my gallery! Will you change all the images you have in black and white to color?”

Your images are delivered exactly how I intend them to be. When coming across the images that are in black and white, I chose for them to have that edit because the moment was timeless.  If there are one or two images that you just really, super want in color, I’d be happy to do that. However, if you’re still not convinced and still want the delivered black and white images in color, I’ll be happy to send you my hourly rate.

“Canon or Nikon?” 

Canon! I started out with my sister’s Sony SLR and  then I invested in my first DSLR, a Canon Rebel T3i.  Nearly a year later purchased the full frame EOS 6d and I would highly recommend Canon to anyone!!

“I’m interested in investing in a DSLR camera and getting a little more serious about developing that “art”, what do you recommend?” 

The Canon Rebel lineup offers many, low-cost digital SLR’s with great reviews! My Rebel T3i does a wonderful job and STILL shoots great images to this day! Rebels range from $500-$1000 and they are amazing starter SLR’s! 

 “I’m just starting, what is your best advice?” 

Wow!! This is always such a loaded question, because I’m still learning too!  I definitely don’t know it all, but the absolute BEST advice I received when I first started was to learn to shoot TOTALLY manually. Understand shutter speed, aperture, ISO, WB, etc.  Each one affects the amount of light, the color saturation, and bokeh in your images. This is what being a photographer is all about! Knowing and understanding your camera should be your VERY first step! A lot of this can be developed through practicing! Keep on!

Have a question, ask it in the form below… 🙂


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{Moments captured ~ Memories made ~ Milestones remembered.}


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