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  If you are a young photographer and would love to be taught and grow in your knowledge of photography, maybe this is just for you! As an intern of Missie, you would mostly experience what it is like to shoot an entire wedding day. This will be a learning experience, I am going to do my best teach you and share what I have learned about running a photography business and creating beautiful images. On wedding days, I’ll be working beside you to help you create gorgeous images that you can use to build your own portfolio. At the end of your internship, I want you to walk away ready to launch your own photography business and be  better prepared to serve others!

Here are some things I’m looking for in my interns..

  • Some experience with photography. You don’t have to understand everything, but a solid knowledge of how your camera works is important. We will be jumping right in on wedding days, and I need you to know how to run your equipment.
  • Able to firmly commit to 3-6 weekends (mostly Saturdays).
  • An optimistic attitude. I want you to want to learn and grow. Wedding days can be crazy, but they are also amazing and fun. I need someone who seeks to serve and looks for the sunshine in every day.
  • Availability to travel. Some of my weddings are several hours away and some are in other states. (The details of this can be worked out, and you will know before you have to commit whether or not travel will be involved.)

Do you have interest in being one of my 2015 interns?! Fill out the form (below) and submit it. I’m excited to hear from you!

2015 Internship Application


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