Sheldon + JoLynn | Georgia wedding

Could every chapel that has witnessed marriage vows be called a sacred one? This is the church where they pledged their lives to each other before God and many witnesses. What a joyous day! ❤Sheldon + JoLynn 499S + J 1Sheldon + JoLynn 829Sheldon + JoLynn 579Sheldon + JoLynn 2011S + J 6Sheldon + JoLynn 1273S + J 9Sheldon + JoLynn 2040.jpgSheldon + JoLynn 1365Sheldon + JoLynn 1607Sheldon + JoLynn 1403S + J 8Sheldon + JoLynn 1723Sheldon + JoLynn 1781Sheldon + JoLynn 832S + J 6 (2)Sheldon + JoLynn 393S + J 5Sheldon + JoLynn 869S + J 06Sheldon + JoLynn 883S + J 4Sheldon + JoLynn 859S + J 3Sheldon + JoLynn 978

That was one beautiful day in southern Georgia, because God’s love and light was shining in!


Alex + Luba | Sacramento, CA

Their smiles are so genuine, with hearts full of love for each other, how couldn’t the joy radiate on their faces!? 🙂 So content, so happy, and so best of friends, marriage is a beautiful gift from God. ❤Alex + Luba-15 (2)Alex + Luba-44 (2)Alex + Luba-38 (2) Alex + Luba-37 (2)Alex + Luba-39 (2) Alex + Luba-118Alex + Luba-96 Alex + Luba-102 1Alex + Luba-99Alex + Luba-91 Posing credit : Higher Standard Photo

Alaska: Win an 11oz. mug!

Alaskaalaska mug Like or leave your comment & name to be entered for a drawing for an Alaska mug. 🙂 The entry deadline  will be Monday, Nov. 4, 2013.  These are all photos taken on my trip to AK in June 2012.  **The winner of the drawing was Karlita H.  Also want to say thanks to those who responded 🙂 **