Grays Harbor Lighthouse| Wesport, WA

 “At 107 feet tall, the Grays Harbor Lighthouse is the tallest lighthouse in Washington State. Construction of the lighthouse began in 1897. Originally located approximately 300 feet from the water’s edge, the lighthouse now sits about 3,000 feet from the high tide mark.  The are 135 steps to the lantern, go on a clear day & you might even be able to see the top of Mount Rainier to the east..”WA CA Travels 146 grays harbor lighthouse WA CA Travels 211 grays harbor lighthouse 1 WA CA Travels 149 WA CA Travels 187 grays harbor lighthouse 3 WA CA Travels 178 WA CA Travels 173 WA CA Travels 229 WA CA Travels 234 WA CA Travels 257 WA CA Travels 261 (2) WA CA Travels 265 WA CA Travels 335 WA CA Travels 286 WA CA Travels 371 WA CA Travels 549 WA CA Travels 459


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