2014: California to Assateague

From west to east, from Pacific to Atlantic, from blue sky + sunshine to clouds + rain, from oceans to rivers, rocks to sand, palm trees to flowers, from sunrise to sunset, I have witnessed the grace of God! IMG_7410IMG_7498IMG_7551IMG_7599IMG_7704IMG_7740IMG_7844IMG_7903IMG_7942IMG_8023IMG_8059IMG_8259IMG_8407IMG_8433IMG_8459IMG_8476IMG_8492IMG_8554IMG_8687IMG_8770IMG_0461IMG_0488IMG_0484IMG_0480IMG_0527IMG_0538IMG_0730IMG_1970IMG_1939IMG_0382IMG_1778IMG_1543IMG_1448IMG_2828IMG_2712IMG_0858IMG_0807IMG_0764IMG_2288IMG_0961“God will guide your footsteps if you are willing to move your feet.”


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