Les & Missy ~Wedding Pt. II

The weather was beautiful for their afternoon session at the historic Conrad Weiser Homestead. The bridal party was a great crew, very creative and quite humoring at times. 😉  They all did fantastic!ml 13 L & M R 842L & M R 834 L & M R 1378L & M R 0905ml 26L & M R 1213L & M R 829L & M R 1035L & M R 01007ml 16 L & M R 986 L & M R 1126ml 18 L & M R 1149 ml 20L & M R 1169  L & M R 1314ml 23 L & M R 1351L & M R 1353 L & M R 1425L & M R 1421 L & M R 1451 “Walk in love, let love surround you, As it flows from heav’n above; walk in love with those around you; for a life that’s worth living, walk in love.” Les & Missy, thank you for inviting me to share in one lovey wedding day! From beginning to end, it embodied your love, care, and dedication to each other, and -much more- those around you. Wishing you many happily-ever-after years as Mr. & Mrs. 🙂


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