Les & Missy 6.15.13

My first memories of Missy were made in MS, where we both attended a 3 week term of Bible School! 😉 So that’s where our friendship began in Feb. 2011, then in June 2012 Missy, her twin sis. Michelle, and I flew together to a friend’s wedding in Alaska! But this has been the biggest adventure yet. 🙂L & M R 174 ml 4035 ml 1L & M R 506 ml 2L & M R 215ml 9020ml 5L & M R 580 ml 8L & M R 567 ml 10L & M R 604ml 11L & M R 638ml 6L & M R 745ml 12^ Her twin & her’new’ little sister. ^L & M R 721 L & M R 776 Missy, You did a wonderful job with your reception, very well done! Formals are coming! 🙂


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