Sam & Sheryl ~Wedding Pt. II

I couldn’t have asked for prettier, or more scenic locations for their before and after wedding formals! Neither could I have asked for better or more willing subjects! 🙂 They did a wonderful job, and were rewarded with a beautiful day! I hope you enjoy your short visit to a southern Tennessee wedding! 😉S & S 004S & S 037S & S 041S & S 059 S & S 092 S & S 131 S & S 1072 S & S 1123 S & S 1115S & S 1067S & S 1129S & s 1 S & S 1153 s & s 2 S & S 1262s & s 3S & S 1317s & s 4S & S 1341s & s 6^ what a lovely bride! 🙂 ^S & S 1360 S & s 9 S & s 8   s .& s 10S & S 1566s & s 12S & S 1637S & S 1647S & S 1639s & s13S & S 1660 s & s 14 ^^ Sam looks slightly very pleased with his bride! 😉 ^^ S & S 1717“Lord, let Your love, Love with no end, come over us. That we may be saved, that we may have life. To find our way in the darkest night. Let Your love come over us, let Your light shine on us.”  This is a stanza of the song Shine on Us that was sung in their wedding, may this always be their blessing! Sam & Sheryl, thanks so much for granting me the honor of capturing your oneness in Christ’s Love, and may His love ever shine on your new lives together in Alaska! 😉


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