Sam & Sheryl ~ 06.07.13

In June 2012, I met Sam & Sheryl at a friend’s wedding in AK. They were then just wedding guests, strangers to me! After the wedding, while chatting with Sheryl, I discovered she was from TN and he is from Alaska! 😉  That was about the extent of our contact with each other until they were engaged and Sheryl asked me to be their photographer! 🙂 This was exciting, not only did I have the honor of capturing their love, but also reuniting with friends I had met about exactly a year before! Enjoy!s & s 5 s & ss&s 1 S & S 603s&s 2 S & S 640 S & S 643S & S 421 s s7S & S 426s s 9 S & S 475 s s 8 S & S 814s s 10 S & S 520 s s 11alaska s s12S & S 913S & S 883


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