Natural Bridge, Virginia

If you are planning to travel on Interstate 81 through Virginia, this a great place to stop especially if you have been sitting for long hours, plus it’s only a few miles off  the highway! 😉 The Natural Bridge also makes for a gorgeous venue for an outdoor wedding ceremony! Enjoy your visit! 🙂 nb 1 tn trip 511 nb 2 ^^Also seasonally there is a night show of music, colored lights, and the creation story!^^va nb 0055 tn trip 516nb 4You can see everything looks wet and the rushing water was quite muddy due to recent heavy trip 522tn trip 532^^ Planning an outdoor Virginia wedding? ^^ 🙂tn trip 535va nb 070^^Standing underneath the bridge, looking up this is what you saw!^^va nb 065 tn trip 524nb 5 tn trip 536 You can learn more about the bridge and its many other attractions HERE!  😉  If you already visited there once before, I’d love to hear your comments!


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