John & Kyla 5.25.13

On January 10th I received an email from Kyla, and soon I was informed that they were planning to get married at the Mt. Pisgah Altar only about 10 minutes from my house! This was an exciting thought, to have a wedding so close home! 😉 Then on March 2nd we met (for the 1st time)  for an early breakfast, before I went off to shoot a wedding. As soon as we met I was impressed with their contagious smiles, simple faith & lifestyle, and genuine interest in each other. 🙂 This was also very evident on their wedding day, it was simply pretty! The weather that day was an answered prayer…jk1 J & K Carey 094jk02 J & K Carey 089  Reflections in the mirror…love your smile, Kyla! 🙂jk04 J & K Carey 156  This is how it works Mom. 😉jk05 Off to the wedding…J & K Carey 165jk07 J & K Carey 173J & K Carey 180 Notice the groomsmen’s ties! ^^^ The wind had slackened quite a bit compared to the day before.J & K Carey 192jk08 J & K Carey 195 J & K Carey 201jk09 jk010 J & K Carey 208 J & K Carey 213jk012 J & K Carey 218jk013J & K Carey 220 1jk14 J & K Carey 248J & K Carey 250 J & K Carey 261 J & K Carey 268jk16  Out with the rings…J & K Carey 273jk17 All smiles!!! Can’t you just hear the guests reaction! 🙂J & K Carey 283 jk19 J & K Carey 308 jk21  Married…now husband & wife!!!J & K Carey 309 J & K Carey 315jk23J & K Carey 516jk24 J & K Carey 476 ^^One suck every anniversary, how long would their rings last? 😉 ^^jk26J & K Carey 530jk27 J & K Carey 547J & K Carey 565jk28J & K Carey 580 J & K Carey 584 jk29J & K Carey 599jk31 J & K Carey 639 J & K Carey 676J & K Carey 1316J & K Carey 035jk35 J & K Carey 019jk33 jk34 jk32They were given a warm, hearty welcome. 🙂J & K Carey 892 jk36 J & K Carey 907jk37 The best man (his next older brother) gave an excellent speech. Those brothers have been very close friends from childhood and share many good memories of growing up together.jk38 J & K Carey 941 The delicious meal… J & K Carey 975They were so excited to serve their guests ice cream, this was a real pleasure to them!J & K Carey 1200 jk44 jk42 J & K Carey 1233 jk43jk41J & K Carey 1270   Away to the Poconos!… Happy 1 month anniversary, John & Kyla!


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