Luke & Missy~ 4.13.13

 IMG_3087 lm17 IMG_3095IMG_3092IMG_3094IMG_3085 IMG_3098lm16 IMG_3103 IMG_3052 lm14IMG_3056 lm15IMG_3118 IMG_3113 IMG_3122IMG_3131 lm18 IMG_3135 lm19 IMG_3152lm20 IMG_03188IMG_3183 IMG_3168 IMG_3172 IMG_3174 IMG_3179 IMG_3181lm21 IMG_3199lm22lm24 IMG_3246lm25 IMG_3260lm26 lm28 IMG_3294lm29 IMG_3293 IMG_3314 lm32 lm33 lm35 IMG_3360 With God as my witness, this vow I will make;
To have and to hold you, no other to take.
For rich or for poor, under skies grey or blue,
‘Til my death I will stand by you.

The stanza above is the second verse of “The Battle Hymn of Love” that was sung at their wedding. What a beautiful promise and lifetime commitment of to love: ‘Til the battle is won, I will not run. ‘Til my death I will stand by you! God Bless you both richly and thanks for the opportunity to capture your long-awaited wedding day! 🙂


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