John & Luanne {Married}

John & Luanne 002 John & Luanne 273 programsJohn & Luanne 432 processionJohn & Luanne 447ceremony John & Luanne 485John & Luanne 487 Shortly after the ceremony, we  quickly did a few outdoor photos before the reception…John & Luanne 514 mrs. & mr. John & Luanne 533 John & Luanne 541 John & Luanne 523married John & Luanne 547 A peek into the reception…. the picture frame was in loving memory of her Dad.loving memorycake bridal table punch John & Luanne 325marriage certificate John & Luanne 740 “May God grant you the wisdom of Solomon, the patience of Job, and the children of Abraham.” as quoted from his brother. John & Luanne, it was an honor to be part of your Special day! Thanks for the wonderful memories we’ve made! 🙂


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