Yesterday I was at the first day of the:


I came across this calligraphy booth, from Ashburn, Va. 🙂 cooligraphy1Coolligraphy – A Must For Your Wedding:

 Artist Daniel Nie takes the letters from your name and creates a unique monogram as a symbol of love.

All guests can sign the mat at the wedding as your guest book. (mat size: 16″x20″ standard; number of people that can sign the mat: from 50 up to 300). The design symbolizes: “Two names becoming one body that is surrounded by friends forever.” What a lovely conversation piece for your living room!

You also can use the design as a monogram for the wedding program cover, invitations, stationery, and other ceremony items such as towels, napkins, glassware, etc.
The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Can you see the names “Tom & Lisa”?


cooligraphy2 cooligraphy3 cooligraphy4 cooligraphy5 cooligraphy6 Can you see  my name “Melissa”?cooligraphy8 It’s beautiful, isn’t it? You can check out his website HERE.


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