What Is Love?


Just what is love?

I heard someone say

It’s a question to ponder

On Valentine’s day.

Is it a warm fuzzy feeling

That comes from inside

When that special someone

Sits down by your side?

Yes, God gave us feelings

So that we may enjoy

The warm glow of love

Twixt a girl and a boy.

But, love goes much deeper

than  simply emotion

and when put into action

Shows us loyalty and devotion.

God says in His Word

That love’s gentle and kind

Never arrogant, puffed up

When insulted, pays no mind.

Love thinks of others

Is not boisterous or loud

Does not seek attention

If part of a crowd.

Love at its purest

Comes down from above

It starts with the Father

The Creator of  Love.

God’s great love for mankind

Is offered to all

No respecter of persons

Love’s for great and for small.

But, without His love in us

We can’t know what love is

And we’ll not find true love

If we don’t accept His.

So when you get your card

On this Valentine’s day

Remember the gift of Love

God sent our way.

He wrapped up in Jesus

All the love that He had

Love sent Christ to Calvary

Let’s rejoice and be glad.

That Jesus was willing

To die on that tree

And become God’s true Valentine’s

For YOU and for ME!

~Bonnie Becker



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