Bible School 2011

Two year ago today on January 29, three of my friends and I were leaving on our flight to Mississippi. This was the first time I ever flew! 😀 dairy IMG_0274This is at the school… IMG_0476 This was one of my class books…IMG_0543 Made some some wonderful new friends… 😀IMG_0545 IMG_0563 Having a small study break.IMG_0588 IMG_0597 Some of the many yummy snacks. 😉IMG_0896 IMG_0400 IMG_0404 IMG_0403This was our work day. We had a beautiful day with Ramona. 🙂IMG_0930 IMG_0956 That evening we had a hot dog roast.IMG_1013 IMG_1048 More friends…IMG_1062 - CopyIMG_1110IMG_1452 my Alaskan friend… 🙂savilla & missieAt the Bluffs.IMG_1478 IMG_1483 IMG_1484Then on Feb. 19, we flew home from New Orleans, LA to our lay-over in Chicago,Ill…IMG_1492our flight to Harrisburg…IMG_1493 It was such a wonderful experience that I went again in 2012!


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