George & Danielle: Part II

These are photos from Simply Pictorial (the head photographers) at my brother’s wedding. They did a wonderful job! So these pictures are products of all their hard work. 🙂WS12073 WS12076 WS12089 WS12097 WS12103 WS12115 WS12122 WS12131 WS12136 WS12138 The yellow flower is credits to the Best man. 😉WS12166 WS12185 WS12194 WS12241 WS12242 WS12243 WS12244 WS12257 WS12260 WS12264 WS12282 WS12284 WS12287 WS12288 WS12299 WS12304 WS12308 WS12310 WS12313 WS12316 WS12317 WS12335 WS12350 WS12356 WS12360 WS12365 WS12476 WS12471 Love to hear your comments. 🙂


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